Best places to celebrate Chinese New Year

Chinese New Year is undoubtably most important festival in China. The festival begins on the first day of the traditional chinese calendar and ends on the 15th day also known as the Lantern Festival. This festival is celebrated by cleaning out their houses and decorating the doors and windows with red color paper. The eve of the new year is normally celebrated with family and friends feasting together and ends with noisy and dramatic fire crackers in the streets. The next day children wish their parents a happy new year and receive money in red envelopes from their parents. In China the customs and traditions of celebrating this festival vary from region to region.

So Chinese New Year is not only celebrated in China but also in many other parts of the world. It’s always a dramatic and colourful events with lots of public displays, dances, music and of course fireworks. Here are a few of the best places in the world to see Chinese New Year.

Hong Kong

Though Hong Kong has only been a part of China since the British left not too long ago, it is a place where the Chinese New Year is celebrated with one of the liveliest parties in the world. There are night parades with floats, lions and dragon costumes on dancers and family entertainment too . These parades are set to loud percussion music and the parade ends with an enormous fireworks display which is held in Victoria Harbour.

The traditional Chinese celebrate the New Year by going to temples and wearing new clothes for the occasion. It’s a wonderful and vibrant atmosphere throughout Hong Kong. Check out the Discover Hong Kong website for more information on events.


With 74% of Singapore’s population being Chinese the New Year festivities are celebrated with much enthusiasm. Outside of China this is the largest celebration of the Chinese New Year. Singaporeans celebrate this festival with  parades and dragon dances. Fireworks end each day’s festivities and markets are formed selling all sorts of chinese decorations and merchandise. Singapore’s Chinatown has always been a popular part of the city and is easily accessible by the MRT subway system too. Expect parties, parades and a lively atmosphere.

Check out the YourSingapore tourist website for more information on Chinese New Year in Singapore.


Sydney in Australia boasts of a significant Chinese immigrant population which has been increasing for the past 150 years. There’s a bustling Chinatown here and the Chinese New year is celebrated in fine style in this area and at nearby Darling Harbour. You’ll find lots of markets and food stalls decorated with red and gold dragons, live street performances and family fun too. The outdoor festivities include a parade of course and culminating in a firework display the likes of which only Sydney can produce. These festivities attract hundreds of thousands of people and make this wonderful modern city a fantastic place to visit.

Check out the awesome Sydney Chinese New Year website for more information on events and how to get involved.

Los Angeles

With a chinese population of over 400,000 Los Angeles too hosts an impressive Chinese New Year celebration with its famous Golden Dragon Parade. This parade runs its course on North Broadway and attracts over a hundred thousand people who line the streets to watch. It’s also broadcast live on TV to the entire country and is one of the most colourful events you’ll ever see in LA. Check out the Chinatown LA website for the latest news and event information.

San Francisco

Another city in California with a growing population of Chinese  since the 1860s. San Francisco has a long tradition of celebrating the Chinese New Year. This festival is celebrated in this city for the full two weeks and includes the Chinese New Year Flower Fair and the Chinatown Community Street Fair. It culminates in the Chinese New Year Parade. The parade is made up of impressive floats and marching bands, martial arts groups, lion dancers, stilts walkers and acrobats. They also have a 201 feet dragon manned by 100 men and women which precedes the newly crowned Miss Chinatown. It’s a Chinese New Year with a truly Californian twist that only San Francisco can provide. Well worth checking out and exploring this colourful and artistic city. For more information check out the San Francisco Chinatown website and

These are just a few of the cities that we recommend you visit at the time of the Chinese New Year to participate and enjoy the festivities.